Geder Avos

During the 18th-19th centuries, there was a large Jewish community in Zablotov. Zablotov is located in Eastern Galicia – today’s Western Ukraine – in the oft-disputed interface between Poland and Russia. The Chassidic Rebbes that formed the soul of the community were the Tzaddikim of the Hager family.

After the passing of Reb Menachem Mendel of Kosov, his second son, Reb Dovid Hager (ca. 1797-1848), moved from Kosov (Kosiv) to nearby Zablotov, where he founded a Chassidic dynasty. It flourished in that town until World War II.

In 2017, ESJF and Geder Avos cleared the site and erected a fence around the cemetery.

In 2018, Oholei Tzadikim and Geder Avos completed a total restoration of the Ohel containing the above mentioned zaddikim.

Both projects were made possible by a generous donation of the Hager Family.

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