Geder Avos


Geder Avos helps Jews reconnect with their heritage.

Which shtetl does your family come from?

Are your parents or grandparents possibly buried in Eastern Europe?

When did your ancestors emigrate from Europe? Would you like to locate their graves in the US or elsewhere?

Geder Avos has the tools to help you.

Moses J. Rubin, President of Geder Avos and an expert on Jewish genealogy, leads our archival research team. Moses' insight into the Eastern European Jewish story builds on a lifelong passion - the history of Hassidic rabbinical dynasties. By combining his historical interests with his extensive knowledge of Eastern European Jewry, Moses has helped many families connect historically with their ancestors and the rich heritage of the Jewish people. His research has led him on numerous historical expeditions throughout Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, Romania, and Israel. For the more determined seekers, Moses has prepared complex and multi-national tours crisscrossing ancestral shtetlach, towns, and cemeteries. As the author of three works on his own family history, Moses understands the delight in reconnecting with one's roots and would be honored to put you on the path of discovery.

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