Geder Avos

The Vizhnitz dynasty is the best-known branch of the Kosover dynasty, whose numerous sects were founded by descendants of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kosov. The nussach of Kosov, the moving musical tradition of its davenen, originated with the patriarch of the Kosov-Vizhnitz dynasty, Rabbi Yaakov Koppel Chassid of Kolomaya, a disciple of the Baal Shem Tov.

The project of fencing the cemetery of Vizhnitz, begun by ESJF and Geder Avos, was completed in 2021. In an unrelated project, the Vizhnitz chassidim arranged for the renovation of the Ohelim of the Chassidic masters who lie there.

The founder of the Vizhnitz branch, Rabbi Menacḥem Mendel Hager (1830-1884), established his court in Vizhnitz, Bukovina where he served as both rabbi and Rebbe. The son of Rabbi Chaim of Kosov, he married Miriam, the daughter of Rabbi Yisrael of Ruzhin. Reb Mendel’s charismatic leadership and family connections helped him to broaden the influence of his dynasty in the communities of Bukovina, Transylvania and Subcarpathian Rus. His teachings were published in Tzemach Tzaddik.

This Ohel is also the resting place of Reb Mendel’s eldest son, Rabbi Baruch (ca. 1845–1893). The most prominent of the family’s offshoots descends from Rabbi Yisroel (1860–1936), Reb Baruch’s eldest son and successor in Vizhnitz.

These projects have special meaning for Geder Avos as our founder, the late Rabbi Moses Josef Rubin, was a scion and proud standard-bearer of the Kosover dynasty.

These restoration projects were made possible by a generous donation of the Chassidim of Vizhnitz.

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