Geder Avos

The village of Stanivtsi is a commune in Hlyboka Raion (historical Bukovina), Chernivtsi Oblast, Ukraine. The rabbis of this town were tzaddikim of the Hager family, descending from the dynasties of Kosov, Sasov, and Savran. The first to settle here was Reb Moshe Tzvi Hager (-1896). He was very close to his relative the Tzemach Tzadik of Vizhnitz, who said of him “Rabbi Moshe is our general, when he prays with us, the prayer is entirely different, from ‘Hoidu‘ to ‘Aleinu“.

Reb Moshe Tzvi was succeeded by his son Reb Yitzchok Meir (1860-1926).

The restoration project at the Jewish cemetery in Stanivtsi is due to be completed during the fall of 2018.

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