Geder Avos

The Jewish community emerged in Sinyatin in the mid-16th century, reaching its peak in 1910 with over 4,000 Jews, over a third of the total population. From 1820, the rabbi of Sinyatin was Reb Aharon Moshe Toybish, author of “Karnei Re’em”. In later years a chassidic court was established there by Reb Shimshon Ephraim Gottesman of Lashkovich. Reb Shimshon Ephraim’s daughter Sarah was married to Rabbi Avraham Usher Rubin of Kitsman, the younger brother of our founder.

In 2019 ESJF with the support of Geder Avos and American Jewish philanthropic organizations, cleared the site and erected a fence around the cemetery.

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