Geder Avos

The Jewish community of Radomyshl presumably emerged in the 16th century and was destroyed during the Khmelnystky uprising of 1648-49. It re-emerged in the 18th century reaching a peak Jewish population of 10,450, more than two theirs is the total – in 1910. In the late 19th century Reb Avraham Yeshohua Heschel Twersky started a chassidic court in Radmoyshl. In 1919 he and his son Reb Mordechai Yisroel were murdered in a pogrom and were buried in the Jewish cemetery. In 2016, Oholei Tzadikim and Geder Avos built an Ohel on the site of their graves Also buried in Radomyshl is Reb Moshe, son of Reb Schneur Zalman of Liadi.

In 2019 ESJF with the support of Geder Avos and American Jewish philanthropic organizations cleared the site and erected a fence around the cemetery.

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