Geder Avos

During the 18-19th centuries, a sizable Jewish community lived in Peczenizyn, Eastern Galicia, in what is today’s Western Ukraine. The community rabbis were members of the Hager family originating from Zablotov and Kosov.

After the passing of Reb Dovid of Zablotov, his second son, Reb Tzvi Hirsch Hager (d. 1895) moved from Zablotov to nearby Peczenizyn, where he was appointed as rabbi. After his passing, he was succeeded by his son, Reb Gershon (d. 1939).

In 2018, Oholei Tzadikim and Geder Avos restored the graves of these holy men and their family members.

This project was made possible by a generous donation of the Hager Family.

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