Geder Avos

Rabbi Shimshon Ostropolier (d. 1648) was a legendary tzaddik and Kabbalist who was murdered Al Kiddush HaShem, during the Chmielnicki Massacres that are known as Gzeiros Tach VeTat, “the decrees of the years 5408 and 5409.” These are the dates indicated by the letters ת”ח and ת”ט, which correspond to the years 1648 and 1649.

An angelic maggid, who would appear to Reb Shimshon and teach him secrets of the Torah, warned him of the impending decree on Klal Yisroel. Reb Shimshon, in turn, implored his contemporaries to repent, which they did. However, it was already too late, as it had been determined from Above that the decree would be carried out.

Since 2016, thanks to the endeavors of Oholei Tzaddikim and Geder Avos, an imposing stone Ohel now surrounds the resting place of this holy man, which was already marked by an ornate monument of white marble.

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