Geder Avos

How is it that the Ohel of a Bukovinean Rebbe is situated in Ukraine?

The Sereter Rebbe, Rabbi Mendel Rubin, scion of the dynasties of Kosov, Ropshitz, Savran, and Belz, and father of Rabbi Moses Josef Rubin, was deported in 1941 from the Romanian town of Siret to Transnistria, in Ukraine. He succumbed to that torturous ordeal soon after his arrival in the town of Mogilev-Podolsk.

His fellow exiles, broken-hearted, reverently brought him to rest in the local Jewish cemetery on a mountainside, in the Ohel of the Azarnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Boruch Meir Twersky, a scion of the dynasty of Chernobyl. The original Ohel, built in 1911, was restored by Geder Avos and Oholei Tzadikim, in 2007.  In 2021 the Ohel underwent further renovation when a roof was added and the matzeivot repainted and secured.

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