Geder Avos

Reb Naftoli Tzvi Rubin-Horowitz of Ropshitz (1760-1827), a leading luminary of Galician Chassidism, was born in Lesko (Linsk), a town that boasted a vibrant Jewish community for centuries. Alongside his role as the rav of Ropshitz, Reb Naftoli served likewise in Lesko, where he was succeeded by his son, Reb Avrohom Chaim, and later descendants, until World War II.

In 2008, Reb Shmelka Horowitz and other descendants of the Linsk dynasty initiated the project by which Oholei Tzaddikim and Geder Avos completed a partially-built fence around the picturesque old gravestones of this historic cemetery.

Geder Avos has a particular soft spot for this project, because our founder, Rabbi Moses Josef Rubin, descended from the Linsk branch of the Ropshitz dynasty via his mother’s family.

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