Geder Avos

Some chassidic historians consider Rabbi Moshe of Kitov (Kitover; 1688-1738) to have been a talmid of the Baal Shem Tov; others consider him to have been a rebbe of the Baal Shem Tov and one of those who had a role in revealing the Besht to the world.

Some of Reb Moshe’s divrei Torah were published in the sefarim of his nephew, Reb Baruch Kossover, and there is an oral tradition, a kabbalah, that Reb Moshe promised that any of his descendants — up to the eighth generation — who came to daven at his resting place would be answered.

In 1996 his tomb was located by Rabbi Israel Meir Gabay, and in 2016 the entire Kitov cemetery, with its ornately-engraved vertical tombstones, was cleaned up by Oholei Tzaddikim and Geder Avos. An Ohel was built over the tomb of the tzaddik, and a pathway was built to enable easy access for visitors.

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