Geder Avos


Der Cimpulunger Rav: The Life and Times of Rabbi Moshe Yosef Rubin


Book reviews:


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind effort to send me the new book. Yasher Koach for putting together such a great work that memorializes and gives honour to the work of your late grandfather, the rabbi of Cimpulung, Rabbi Yosef Rubin, of blessed memory…”

Iosef (Iulku) Klein
Chairman of the Cimpulung Jewish Association

“I read the sefer about your grandfather. It was enjoyable and I learned much from it. It is also well written.”

Zalman Alpert, Reference Librarian at Yeshiva University

“I picked up your book at Eichlers and wanted to congratulate you on a great job. Thank you for producing such a beautiful work.”

Yitzchak Meir Twersky
Chassidic Historian and Author

“I read your book over Shabbos. Although I was alone, it was a great pleasure to have spent Shabbos with such a towering figure. You have tremendous zechus to come from such stock and to have undertaken so successfully the task of researching and recording his life.”

Mitchell Silk
Deputy Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of the Treasury

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