Geder Avos

Belz, in western Ukraine, near the Polish border and overlooking the Solokiya River, is of particular interest to Geder Avos, for our founder, the late Rabbi Moses Josef Rubin, was a scion of the Belz dynasty. In 2015, Geder Avos, in partnership with Oholei Tzadikim under the leadership of Rabbi Israel Meir Gabay, constructed a fence around Belz’s old cemetery. In Belz’s new cemetery, Geder Avos and Oholei Tzadikim restored the gravesites of the founder of the Belz dynasty, Rabbi Sholom Rokeach (1781-1855), known as Sar Sholom, and two of his successors: Rabbi Yehoshua (1825–1894) and Rabbi Yisachar Dov (1854–1926).


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